The Quiet Pond is Looking for Another Co-Blogger! We Want You and Your Magic!

The Pond Wants You: We're looking for another co-blogger.

It’s the day after the last book news, and you see Xiaolong setting up ‘The Pond Book News’ stall again.

“Hi friend!” she greets, giving you a big energetic wave with her small arms. “The newest issue of The Pond Book News isn’t quite ready yet. You have to come tomorrow!”

You shake your head, and tell her that you aren’t here for the news. Rather, you’re visiting today to check up on Xiaolong and how she’s going.

“Oh.” Your question gives her pause. “Well, to be honest friend, I’m hoping you can help me.” She comes around from the book news stall, and leads you by the Pond to your favourite spot. “Friend, I know I asked you before, but do you know any other magical beings who might want to call the Pond a home? I’m happy for Stella now that she’s off on her new adventures, but I’m hoping we could find another friend to fill her in.”

You think for a moment. You’re not quite sure. But, like last time, you feel determined to help Xiaolong out again. It’s time to find the Pond’s newest friend!

Hello, dear friends! Welcome back to the Pond!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be part of The Quiet Pond? Do you want to contribute to the Pond to make it a magical, warm, and inclusive space? If you thought ‘yes!’ and ‘yes!’ to both questions, then we want you!

As Xiaolong said, The Quiet Pond is looking for another co-blogger! If you’re interested in joining The Quiet Pond, read on! ✨

Who am I looking for?

I am looking for one co-blogger to join Joce and I in running The Quiet Pond.

Specifically, we are looking for a co-blogger who can help us by running the ‘Book News’ feature! This is a weekly feature where you share the books releasing in the coming week and some exciting book announcements and news. Anything beyond that is up to your imagination – we want you to make The Pond Book News feature yours.

You also will need to be a good fit for The Quiet Pond and what we stand for! This means:

  • You must have a passion for reading and promoting diverse books.
  • Be comfortable writing simple and fun stories for The Quiet Pond.
  • Able to work independently and able to edit their own work for grammatical errors, etc.
  • Have 1 – 2 hours available per week to write up The Pond Book News feature.

More information about the co-blogger role

Tell me more about ‘The Pond Book News’ feature.

The Pond Book News is a weekly feature, posted every Monday (NZT) that collates book news and announcements. It highlights:

  1. new book releases; including writing a short blurb of what it is about and why others should be excited for it
  2. book announcements; including cover reveals, new book announcements, and so on

To get an idea of what The Pond Book News looks like, you can read through them all here. Deadlines for The Pond Book News are every Saturday (NZT). If you have any ideas of how you can make it better or make it your own, we would love to hear about them!

Do I also have to write reviews or contribute other content?

No. I am more than happy for you to just run and maintain the book news feature. However, if you would like to write book reviews or other content for The Quiet Pond, you are more than welcome to!

Do I need to be able to draw/provide my own graphics to be your co-blogger?

No. I don’t mind drawing and organising all the graphics (including banners, illustrations within posts, etc.). However, if you are an artist and/or are experienced with Photoshop and would like to contribute to the graphics in The Quiet Pond, we could work together to do the graphics – I’m open to ideas.

Can I have a character that represents me in The Quiet Pond?

Of course! I’d be happy to draw a character for you that represents you.

I am a student/have work/life commitments/circumstances that might affect my ability to contribute. Can I still apply?

I understand that people face a variety of circumstances, and I firmly believe that you should put your life/career/school/health/etc. first. In saying that though, if you foresee that your other commitments will affect your ability to contribute consistently, please think carefully before applying. If your unavailability is only periodic, then all I ask is that you be open and transparent and let me know if you cannot contribute on certain weeks in advance.

Do I have to have previous experience as a book blogger?

Absolutely not. If you haven’t book blogged before, we can work together to make sure you feel comfortable with how blogging works, how to format things, how things work and are structured, etc. You will receive as much support as I can offer. We’ll figure it out together.

Will I receive remuneration (pay) for my contributions? 

Unfortunately I do not have the capacity to pay anyone to be my co-blogger and for the content that they write. However, I welcome co-bloggers to include links to their own ko-fi in the content that they write/contribute at The Quiet Pond.

Apply here!

Have any further questions? Feel free to leave a question in the comments or email me at But if you don’t have any questions, please complete the Google Form below.

Applications close on September 7th!

If the above form does not work for you, please click on this link to be directed to the Google Form:

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