#StartOnYourShelfathon Is On Its Way! A 2020 Readathon to Read All of Those Books That You’ve Neglected! [Information Post]

# Start On Your Shelf a-thon, a starry readathon to read all your unread books - hosted by the quiet pond

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, friends!

Welcome to ‘Read-The-Books-That-Have-Been-Side-Eying-You-Because-You-Got-Them-Years-Ago-But-You-Haven’t-Read-Them-Yet-A-Thon!’ Or, aptly shortened to ‘StartOnYourShelfathon‘, a year-long readathon to help you beat your bookshelf! (But is it Start On Your Shelf? Or Star Ton Your Shelf? Read on to find out!)

I think an affliction of most book bloggers and avid readers is that there are not enough hours in the day to read all the books in the world. Another affliction, which makes the first affliction so much worse, is that book lovers love collecting books. So much, that we collect all these books that we have every intention and excitement to read — only to not read it. The book that we were so dead-set on reading then sits on the bookshelf and side-eyes us as it collects dust. ‘You said you’d read me,’ it says each time we look at it, deadpan and sick of our lies. ‘Yes… I will… one day!’ we tell ourselves earnestly. We mean it. Truly. We do! But. Will we ever?

Thus, this readathon is the very spontaneous product of a daring and ambitious shower thought: ‘What if I read all the books that I haven’t read on my bookshelf? What if, I can one day say, that I have read every single book on my bookshelf?’ Imagine the power that I would hold. I’d transcend this physical plane! I’d become a Level 99 Reader! And when I shared this thought as well as the idea of turning it into a readathon on Twitter:

I genuinely did not expect that so many people would be excited to participate!

So, friends, join me in this readathon and let’s – deep breath before a bad pun – START ON OUR SHELVES, TOGETHER. And ourselves. Because we’re a mess. (Or, at least, I am.)

About the StartOnYourShelfathon

  • The concept is simple: From December 13th 2019 to December 31st 2020, participants of the StartOnYourShelfathon will read books that they already own (whether it’s a physical or electronic bookshelf)!
  • Ambitious participants of StartOnYourShelfathon may want to try and read every single book that they haven’t read in their bookshelf.
  • Deity-tiered and the most powerful participants may endeavour to read every book on their bookshelf before purchasing new books or borrowing books from the library.
  • Participants who want to have fun and want to get in the spirit of StartOnYourShelfathon (but don’t want to be too stressed by it) may set their own goals for themselves by reading a specific number of books on their bookshelf each month.
  • Participants who also want to participate in my upcoming Pondathon (my The Quiet Pond story-driven readathon!) that will take place between mid-January to mid-February – don’t fret! A specific team that you can join in the Pondathon will synergise with StartOnYourShelfathon.

Read books and collect… stars?

  • The theme of this readathon will be stars.
  • A new Pond friend is making their way to The Quiet Pond to help motivate you for this readathon.
  • Come visit on the official launch of the readathon on the 13th of December! Meet your newest Pond friend who will guide you through StartOnYourShelfathon and read the story about your first steps to becoming aspiring star-collectors. ✨
  • Set goals for yourself and read, read, read! Every time you read a book and every time you achieve a goal for yourself, you will get to collect a ‘star’. (What does this mean? You’ll find out on the launch day!)
  • Work towards getting a ton of stars! (So, I suppose it can be ‘Star-Ton-Your-Shelf-athon’? 🤔 Please don’t be mad about my awful pun; it took me all night. 😂)

What can I do now?

  • Start thinking about the books you’d like to read for StartOnYourShelfathon!
  • Start preparing a list of books you want to tackle! Participants of StartOnYourShelfathon will be encouraged to post the books they want to read each month. Post your readathon book lists from December 13th onwards! (Don’t worry, post templates and readathon banners will be provided to make it easier for you!)
  • But don’t post your lists yet – come December 13th, all the information and resources that you will need will be made available. Be sure to visit The Quiet Pond on the 13th of December!
  • Emotionally prepare yourself. Because this readathon is going to be a doozy!

I hope you all are excited about StartOnYourShelfathon! I know I am, especially since reading all my unread books on my bookshelf has been something I’ve wanted to do ever since I became a book blogger.

  • Are you going to participate in StartOnYourShelfathon?
  • What books are you excited to read for the readathon?
  • What animal do you think your StartOnYourShelfathon Pond friend will be? 👀

44 thoughts on “#StartOnYourShelfathon Is On Its Way! A 2020 Readathon to Read All of Those Books That You’ve Neglected! [Information Post]

  1. Ah, so much excitement. 😍 I know who I recommended, but there are so many options for a new Pond friend. Plus accessories! 😭 Omg, star sunglasses even! 🌟

    I’m not sure how I’ll set up my tbr yet. I’ve got way too many books to finish all of them in a year. Maybe a one for one, new to old? 🤔 I dunno, we’ll see! I’ll try and come up with a tentative list, though, to share!


  2. I’m so excited!!! It does help that I’ve already unhauled several books I have no plans on reading so I want to read all the books on my shelf now. 😁


    I’m going to start plotting mt TBR as soon as I finish my finals 😀
    Also, can you tell me where to find more details regarding the Pondathon? It sounds super interesting ❤


  4. This is such an amazing idea, CW! I have been dying to read my TBR for ages and I finally have the motivation to do so! I was already planning on tackling a lot of it this upcoming month so I’m delighted to hear it starts this year! I can’t wait 🤩❤


  5. I’m screaming, my TBR is also screaming because I full well know I’ve had books sat on my shelves for over 4 years….like it’s pretty damn bad. I’m so excited for this readathon and the pondathon! As for what kind of animal…something related to stars? A starfish? Or a maybe a cute animal wearing a star outfit or something, honestly I love stars so much. I can’t wait for the launch of this readathon aaaah *dances*


  6. Ooh I’m definitely going to do this! My local library has been closed renovations so I’ve been having that feeling of “I have nothing to read!” Except… well. I’d love to have at least some more of the backlog taken care of before I start requesting new books. 😀


  7. I suspect I won’t have enough willpower to read only what’s on my bookshelves, but I can certainly make a dent! Can’t wait to get started. 🤩


  8. I am so excited for this! I have a bunch of arcs to read as well — so this will hopefully get me through some of them! (Also a whole bunch of kindle e-books I forgot about…)


  9. I’ll definitely try. My tbr pile is huge and I feel guilty every time I buy more books (not guilty enough to stop, just guilty).

    I think I’m excited to read some of my non-romance that I keep putting off.

    My tbr pile is a cranky giraffe—-really tall, might kick you 😉


  10. Count me in! I’d need a time turner to read ALL of them in a year, but I only managed 8 off the shelf this year (I didn’t count any 2019 ARCs or purchases as ‘off the shelf’ as they weren’t on it long enough 😉 and at that rate it will be the heat death of the universe before I ‘catch up’ 🤣


  11. Oh, do I need this! I had a reading goal for 2019 to get my physical TBR to below 50 books and… well, to say I failed would be an understatement! A Readathon for the new year focusing on those books is just what I need! And star-themed, I love stars~ I’m already imagining how I can turn this into a journal spread to keep track as well!


  12. This is such a great idea, CW! I’m going to try and tackle my backlog of books. I reckon it’s going to be a Starfish pal joining the Pond! ✨✨✨


  13. I can’t wait for this! I’m so excited! It also ties in really well with another challenge I am doing in 2020 to read all the books by Australian authors that I have on my shelves.


  14. Love this!!!!! I actually just posted my entire owned TBR list earlier this week and this will just give me THAT much more motivation to ACTUALLY read all of them by the end of next year. Challenge accepted!


  15. I’ve only had time to catch up with posts on the blogosphere today because I’ve been so busy with classes, but still, how did I miss on this??? I’ll check the other post right away, I’m very curious!! 😀


  16. […] #StartOnYourShelfathon – This hashtag came across my Twitter dash and it is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while! The whole premise is to read the books that are on your shelf (physical and digital) which is perfect since that’s what I’m aiming for this year. You can read the Welcome Page here and meet Castor, the sloth you’ll be helping out by reading books. […]


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