The Quiet Pond Supports Black Lives Matter

An illustration of Xiaolong the axolotl, holding a sign that says "Black Lives Matter"

I have always endeavoured to uphold The Quiet Pond to be a safe and soft place for anyone that accepts and celebrates people for who they are. As the protests sweep across the US, and have now extended across the world, I have stated on Twitter that The Quiet Pond supports Black Lives Matter but I also wanted to make it unequivocally clear here, at the Pond, that The Quiet Pond supports, and will always support, Black Lives Matter.

I think people will say that they like The Quiet Pond because it isn’t a political space. After all, it’s a cute corner of the internet where cute little pond animals create magic, read books, and celebrate diversity. However, if there were any assumptions that The Quiet Pond was ever apolitical, I want to challenge that: The Quiet Pond has always been loud and open with our commitment to diversity in literature and to bolster the work and voices of marginalised authors. In that same vein, The Quiet Pond has always been a space that has not and will not tolerate injustices that threaten the safety and lives of marginalised people. Yes, we are a welcoming space, but that does not mean that we tolerate those who perpetuate violence and oppression through bigotry and prejudice.

Five months ago, we ran our first The Quiet Pond readathon, the Pondathon, where we rallied friends and people in our community to fight against an evil. However, the Pondathon was fictional; there was no real evil and the Pond friends were never under any threat. In contrast, the uprisings and Black Lives Matter movement currently taking place is real life with very real life consequences with Black lives at stake. The Pondathon will never ever compare to what Black people have violently experienced for centuries at the hands of a racist and oppressive system, but our sentiment are the same: We stand by people who face injustice, and we therefore stand with Black people.

Our space is welcoming and celebrates people from a diversity of backgrounds – whether it’s racial or cultural identity, disabilities, sexual and gender identities, and all the intersections in between. With the bigotry, prejudice, racism, sexism, ableism, and oppression that still exists, to support diversity and be committed to it as our mission is, in itself, inherently political. And I will stand by this, always.

We at The Quiet Pond support Black Lives Matter. We stand with Black people, today, tomorrow, and always.

– CW

Ways You Can Support Black Lives Matter

The Quiet Pond has always advocated that no one is helpless and powerless, and we stand by that today. I encourage non-Black people to decenter themselves and their feelings and focus on amplifying Black advocacy and activism and Black people. Here are ways you can help:

Though I strongly advocate making a concrete and direct impact by providing support and assistance to protesters, I also advocate supporting Black voices and their stories. I urge people to not only care about Black people when they are in pain, but also to care when they feel and express joy, love, and success. Therefore, because we are a book blog, I want to spotlight three Black books releasing this week (which we will spotlight officially in The Pond Book News next week):

A note on Pride Month

Yesterday marked the beginning of Pride Month – and I wish you all a happy Pride this year. I had invited a range of incredible contributors – authors and book bloggers and booktubers – and our Pride Month was going to be centered on intersectionality within the queer community. In other words, Pride Month at the Pond was going to feature and uplift queer people of colour, queer disabled people, and queer disabled people of colour.

However, with what is going on and as events continue to unfold, I’ve decided to tentatively postpone Pride Month at the Pond to next week. Pride Month at the Pond will not be cancelled, as we have already received wonderful submissions and completed fantastic and thoughtful interviews, some of which were in collaboration with our queer Black friends, and we want to honour those contributions. The collaboration we have seen for Pride Month has been amazing, and we look forward to sharing that with you.

I thank you all for your understanding.

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