We’re Just Taking A Short Break – Be Back Soon!

2020 thus far has been an incredible and exciting year at the Pond. We have done more guest features than we have ever done before, we had some of the coolest friends visiting the Pond, and we have talked about some amazing books. Putting together content for the Pond is a lot of work –

which is why, we’re going on a little break!

But don’t worry – we’ll be back on October 26th in time for the Pond’s 2nd book birthday! Joce, Skye, and I are looking forward to sharing with you all the Q&A that we have planned – questions that you asked us. Furthermore, October 26th will – hopefully! – be the day that the Pond’s new look and revamp will be implemented. I’m excited to share both the Q&A and revamp with you all!

Why not catch up on some old posts?

While we may not be posting between now and October 26th, we still have tons of content that you can catch up. Here are some of our favourite posts in the last few months – we hope you have fun reading them.

Book Reviews:

Guest Features:

Some of Our Highest-Viewed Posts:

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