Welcome to Latine Heritage Month at the Pond! Celebrate Latine Voices and Literature With Us During Sep 15th – Oct 15th 2021!

Our Friend is Here! Latine Heritage Month. Celebrating September and October with Latine Authors and Latine Literature!

Welcome to Latine Heritage Month 2021!

Hello and welcome, friends! We are so excited to be spotlight Latine authors and books from September 15th to October 15th this year. Our biggest goal at The Quiet Pond is to uplift and celebrate the diversity of literature and storytelling and following from the awesome month that we had last year, we wanted to join the festivities and spotlight Latine books again in 2021.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Latine Heritage Month takes place between September 15th and October 15th and, more widely, aims to recognise and celebrate the contributions and influences of Latine people to history and culture. Though it is widely known as Hispanic Heritage Month, we have followed the footsteps of the wonderful Latine advocates in the community to use the more inclusive term ‘Latine’!

In the past, we used ‘Latinx’, a gender-inclusive term (and for those who are unfamiliar with why the term is used, you can read more in this article). This year, we started using the term ‘Latine’ following some great conversations within the Latine community. While we have no say in whether Latinx or Latine is a better term to use, we have chosen to use ‘Latine’, as there are Spanish words that end with ‘e’ and can be used in a gender-neutral fashion. If you’d like to read up about Latine/x, read this article here.

Introducing: Latine Heritage Month at the Pond!

Sprout the sparrow, with their wings spread wide like they are showing off something.

We are incredibly excited that today’s post marks the beginning of our Latine Heritage Month at The Quiet Pond! From September 15th to October 15th, all of our content will be dedicated to Latine literature. Similarly to our previous month-long events, you’ll find myself as Xiaolong, Joce as Cuddle, and Skye as Sprout inviting new friends to visit us at the Pond for author interviews!

In addition, we will also be sharing book reviews of Latine books that we love, and, as always, recommending some great Latine books that you can add to your to-read lists!

Cuddle the otter, holding her hands up out wide, like she is showing off and is proud of something.

To kick us off, I invite you all to have a read through past Our Friend is Here! posts that feature Latine authors and content creators! 

This year, we will also be sharing four book recommendation posts, all on the weekends during Latine Heritage Month! We have endeavoured to recommend new books for you to read and won’t be re-recommending books that we recommended last year. (On that note though, do check out the books we recommended last year!)

Happy Latine Heritage Month and happy reading, friends! 

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