Blog Update: The Quiet Pond will Close in Three Months

To my dearest friends of the Pond,

Hello, it’s CW here. 💛 I hope all of you are doing well and are taking care in these strange and uncertain times.

Since October 2018, The Quiet Pond has been my labour of my love, a place where all my love for books, reading, and blogging reside. Running The Quiet Pond has been a very fulfilling endeavour; I’ve discovered so many wonderful books and I’ve had the opportunity to work and connect with some truly fantastic authors. I’ve made lifelong friends and connections, and I am grateful that my paths with some truly remarkable human beings have intersected with mine because of book blogging. I have genuinely loved everything that I have done with The Quiet Pond and I am so, so proud of the work that I did and the things I have created.

However, it’s with bittersweetness that I announce that The Quiet Pond will be closing on June 27th 2022.

I have decided to close in June rather than now because I still have some eARCs to read and review and some promises to keep. Though I had planned for my Pondathon readathon to continue after The Quiet Pond‘s closure, unexpected changes to my personal life have arisen and I am no longer able to keep Pondathon going until December. Instead, Pondathon will end after the second quarter; this means that Pondathon II will now end on June 26th 2022. I am truly so sorry to our Pondathon friends and gardeners for the disappointing news.

There’s no grand epiphany to write about nor an ‘event’ that triggered this decision; I simply realised that I was ready to move on. I’m feeling happy and at peace with my decision and I know that, one day, I’ll look back on The Quiet Pond and think of my experiences fondly and with so much pride.

As for what I’ll be doing next, well, I’m looking forward to discovering what the new chapter in my hobby-life will look like. I’ve recently picked up crocheting, so maybe I will learn to make amigurumi or clothes for my friends. Maybe I will learn to love art again on my own, without social media’s validation. I’ll still be reading, but I’m looking forward to reading a book without having to think about how to review it. Maybe I will do something more with the Pond friends that isn’t about book blogging. I have no idea and I’m excited to discover it all.

But anyway, I’m getting too sentimental. This isn’t goodbye yet! I’ll still be here for the next three months, so let’s say goodbye then, okay?

With love,

CW 💛

25 thoughts on “Blog Update: The Quiet Pond will Close in Three Months

  1. I’m sorry to see you leaving (since it took me so long to discover your blog), but I understand that need to leave while at peace and I appreciate you giving us a 3-month heads up about it. Thank you for the hard work you’ve done here- with the Pondathon and with your thoughtful reviews and author interviews. Best of luck on your hobby journey (yay for making art for art’s sake, and for the excitement of new creative endeavors)!


  2. Will your blog still be online? I was just getting into book blogging after procrastinating for years and your blog is one of many I am following and reading to get me introduced in book blogging. I am wondering if we will be bale to still read your posts after 3 months. My time in book blogging may just be starting but your blog posts already made such a wonderful impact. I am able to say that I will miss your contents. Thank you for your work and hopefully I get to hear someday that you are doing well and is healthy.


  3. I always admired your art and loved visiting your blog. You will be missed, but I hope you enjoy all your new endeavors. Before my carpel tunnel and arthritis stole it from me, I loved making amigurumi. Enjoy!


  4. Of course we will miss you and the wonderful work you do for the book community, but it is comforting to see a book blogger part with blogging on their own time and in their own way, making that decision in a postive manner. You will leave behind an incredible legacy with all those you have supported and inspired. Thank-you for all you’ve done these past years. 😊


  5. sending love for you and your blog!! the work you did here is incredible and as sad as it is to see you leave i’m glad you made the decision to leave before you were filled with bad emotions about it!


  6. Thank you for all that you have done here with thoughtful reviews and interviews and making it such a friendly, welcoming place. This has been one of my favorite book blogs for some time, and though it’s sad to see it go, it’s great that you’ll be able to look back on all that you accomplished here with fondness.


  7. Sad to see it close, but I also want to say you don’t need to apologize for closing Pondathon sooner. Life happens, do what feels right for you ❤ best of luck for whatever you do next!


  8. Thank you so much for being such an awesome blog, run by awesome people. It was always a true joy to see your posts show up in my reader and I loved following the pond and its characters through its many posts. Participating in the Pondathon for these past two months has been so much fun and I’ve loved to see how my garden has grown. The Pond Book News was one of my favorite features among any blog, and I will be so sorry to see it and the rest of the Pond go, but I 100% understand and respect your decision and hope that you will have an amazing life ahead of you.
    Just a quick question before you go: was there a specific way that you got the info in the Pond News? Was it simply from being on social media, or did you have a way to search and find new bookish news? I’ll need to keep up with bookish news on my own now!💚


  9. i love you and the pond so much!! im in awe of all the things you’ve done for this community and i will keep supporting you in whatever you’re planning to do next ❤️❤️ thank you for everything 💖


  10. We’ll miss you guys! The amazing work you’ve done (and the sheer love and aesthetic taste in every bit of the Pond) will stay on with us. I hope you find as much joy and fulfillment in all your future hobbies as we’ve found through this labour of your love. 💜🌸


  11. You’ll be missed, I’ll be sad to see you go as you always have some interesting and creative posts but when you know it’s time to go you just know. I’m sorry you won’t be able to finish Pondathon. Good luck in whatever thing you do next.


  12. Yours was one of the first book blogs I discovered and I was completely blown away by everything I saw. You’ve been such an inspiration and you’ve done so many incredible things for the community. We’ll miss your presence but I hope that for whatever inspires you next, you find the same happiness, excitement and success! 😊


  13. The work the Pond has done for the book blogging community has been instrumental. I am so proud of the Pond and so grateful to have been able to read and support this content for years. It will forever mean the world to me that the Pond was also my safe space to come out as queer, when I wasn’t sure if I’d have another space to do so.

    I am wishing you all of the best, CW. I adore you and everything you’ve done, and I cannot wait to see what next adventures take root for you!


  14. Sorry to hear you’re closing. I appreciate all the hard work put into this blog. Thank you for featuring my novel, and best of luck in your future endeavors!


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