Blog Update: The Quiet Pond will Close in Three Months

To my dearest friends of the Pond,

Hello, it’s CW here. 💛 I hope all of you are doing well and are taking care in these strange and uncertain times.

Since October 2018, The Quiet Pond has been my labour of my love, a place where all my love for books, reading, and blogging reside. Running The Quiet Pond has been a very fulfilling endeavour; I’ve discovered so many wonderful books and I’ve had the opportunity to work and connect with some truly fantastic authors. I’ve made lifelong friends and connections, and I am grateful that my paths with some truly remarkable human beings have intersected with mine because of book blogging. I have genuinely loved everything that I have done with The Quiet Pond and I am so, so proud of the work that I did and the things I have created.

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Welcome 2022! Changes Coming to The Quiet Pond Starting This Year

Welcome to 2022, friends! For some of you, 2022 is still on the horizon, but for me in Aotearoa (New Zealand), it’s the first day of 2022. For all of the hardship, challenges, and losses that we had in 2021, I am so hopeful that 2022 will be a better year – even if my one goal is to just get through it and survive.

With the new year, The Quiet Pond will be doing a few things differently from now on, and I wanted to quickly go over what those changes will be so we are all on the same page.

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Book Blogger Resources: How I Revamped The Quiet Pond (and My Tips For Your Next Blog Revamp)

Book blogger resources: how i revamped the quiet pond (and my tips for your next revamp!)

Recently, I revamped The Quiet Pond and gave my book blog a fresh look. In the past, my revamps were always a haphazard process – I changed things here and there and just hoped for the best. With this revamp, however, I took the time to plan my revamp – and I’ve never felt so happy with how my book blog looks.

To be honest, I am really proud of this recent revamp. I put a lot of thought, care, and effort into this revamp, and I’m hoping that I won’t have to revamp for another two years (Did you know that The Quiet Pond is two years old and has already been through three revamps?!)

I wanted to do a ‘behind the scenes’ sort of post, so today, I’m sharing with you all my process The Quiet Pond‘s latest revamp – one that I’m really proud of! – and also, along the way, offer some advice for those of you out there who want to revamp their blogs as well.

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Happy 2nd Blog Birthday to The Quiet Pond! – In Which Xiaolong Redecorated the Pond and We Do a Fun Q&A (Blogging Tips + Us Being Chaotic)

It’s been awhile since you’ve visited the Pond.

As you pass through the Pond’s magical boundary, you notice that things here look… different. Pickerel weeds, lavenders, and rosemary now adorn the Pond, and it looks like cattails and cardamine now grow by the Pond’s water. But, you realise, even though the Pond looks a little different, you can still feel the gentle and calm energy in the air – it’s still the Pond, after all.

“Friend!” calls a familiar voice. “Come over here!”

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