Book Blogger Resources: The Benefits of Co-Blogging and 6 Tips on Finding The Right Co-Blogger For You and Your Blog

One of the best book blogging decisions that I ever made was bringing co-bloggers in to help at The Quiet Pond. Skye and Joce have been my anchors and lifesavers, and I have absolutely no regrets bringing them on board as co-bloggers – in fact, I consider us to be our very own Pond family.

For people who have never co-blogged before, co-blogging is entirely new territory – and that can be daunting! Some people may feel anxious about letting someone into a space that has, for the most part, become a personal space; some people may feel anxious about what the dynamic would be like and how that may affect your blog. All valid concerns! When I was recruiting co-bloggers, I implemented a process to ensure that I was making the right decision – but what would such a process look like? How do you even begin to find and choose the right co-blogger. What does the ‘right’ co-blogger even look like?

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Book Blogger Resources: 8 Tips on How To Manage a Book Blog On A Busy Schedule

Book Blogger Resources: 8 Tips on how to manage a book blog on a busy schedule. an image of xiaolong holding many balloons with a

It is a truth that ought to be universally acknowledged: book bloggers are busy people. Because if we’re not reading books and writing book reviews, we are either working, studying, or even just doing our other hobbies, spending time with friends or family, or attending to the important responsibilities in our lives.

I mean, I get it. I have been a book blogger for six years now. I’ve read, reviewed, and maintained a book blog while also being an undergraduate at university, working my first full time job, my two postgraduate degrees while working two jobs, and I am now working a full-time paid job that’s at least 50 – 55 hours a week. How do, and did, I do it?

Having maintained blogs with a consistent schedule where we are either posting once every two to three days while balancing, you know, life, I feel like I am qualified? experienced enough? to impart some advice and tips today. Blogging is not easy – remember when we talked to bloggers about how they balanced blogging and life? – but if you are a book blogger looking for tips on how to manage your book blog while on a busy schedule, I hope this post will be helpful today.

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Book Blogger Resources: Writing That Book Review When You Feel Out of Your Depth (and Out of Experience)

Book Blogger Resources: Writing That Book Review When You Feel Out of Your Depth (and Out of Experience)

I know: writing book reviews can be really difficult.

That’s why, mid-2019, I put together a Book Blogger Resource post offering 63 book reviewing prompts to help book bloggers write book reviews that they found challenging. I suppose I’m not the only one who struggles to write book reviews, because my book review prompts post is one of my highest viewed posts at The Quiet Pond. Today though, I want to get a little more specific and offer some guidance on writing book reviews when you feel a little out of depth.

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Book Blogger Resources: How I Revamped The Quiet Pond (and My Tips For Your Next Blog Revamp)

Book blogger resources: how i revamped the quiet pond (and my tips for your next revamp!)

Recently, I revamped The Quiet Pond and gave my book blog a fresh look. In the past, my revamps were always a haphazard process – I changed things here and there and just hoped for the best. With this revamp, however, I took the time to plan my revamp – and I’ve never felt so happy with how my book blog looks.

To be honest, I am really proud of this recent revamp. I put a lot of thought, care, and effort into this revamp, and I’m hoping that I won’t have to revamp for another two years (Did you know that The Quiet Pond is two years old and has already been through three revamps?!)

I wanted to do a ‘behind the scenes’ sort of post, so today, I’m sharing with you all my process The Quiet Pond‘s latest revamp – one that I’m really proud of! – and also, along the way, offer some advice for those of you out there who want to revamp their blogs as well.

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Book Blogger Resources: Stuck on How to Review That Book? Here are 63 Prompts to Help You Write That Book Review!

Text: 63 Prompts to help you write that book review! Image: xiaolong the axolotl wearing a purple flower hat, holding a piece of paper, and thinking with a pencil in her other hand.

Writing book reviews is hard.

Book blogging is a fast-paced activity. Blog posts that you may spend hours and hours on may generally have a life span of only two to three days – and sometimes, not even that. This can make book blogging tricky, and can put bloggers under immense time pressure. The truth is, although book bloggers give a lot of thought to their book reviews, consistently reading and churning out thoughtful and well-written book reviews can be a big challenge – and sometimes the task of writing one can feel so immense that it turns you away from doing it.

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