Story Time

An illustration of the Pond friends sitting in a circle. Xiaolong the pink axolotl is reading a book, Gen the tortoise is sitting with his hands tucked in with a smile, Sprout the sparrow is sitting on Gen's shell, Varian the toad is sewing and listening, and Cuddle the otter is curled into a ball, eyes closed with a smile.

Story Time is a feature at The Quiet Pond where we tell short and sweet slice-of-life stories about the Pond friends. What goes on in the Pond when the Pond friends aren’t sharing books with you all? What’s food time like at the Pond like? What is the Pond friends’ stories, and what were they doing before they all found the Pond?

We hope you love our simple, short, and wholesome reads, and that these little story time stories will make your day a little gentler and softer.


Pondathon 2020