Book Blogger Resources: The Benefits of Co-Blogging and 6 Tips on Finding The Right Co-Blogger For You and Your Blog

One of the best book blogging decisions that I ever made was bringing co-bloggers in to help at The Quiet Pond. Skye and Joce have been my anchors and lifesavers, and I have absolutely no regrets bringing them on board as co-bloggers – in fact, I consider us to be our very own Pond family.

For people who have never co-blogged before, co-blogging is entirely new territory – and that can be daunting! Some people may feel anxious about letting someone into a space that has, for the most part, become a personal space; some people may feel anxious about what the dynamic would be like and how that may affect your blog. All valid concerns! When I was recruiting co-bloggers, I implemented a process to ensure that I was making the right decision – but what would such a process look like? How do you even begin to find and choose the right co-blogger. What does the ‘right’ co-blogger even look like?

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