The Pond Gets Loud: 8 Book Bloggers Share Their Experiences of Balancing Blogging and Life – Part I

Bao the round corgi, barking loudly. Text underneath says: The Pond gets LOUD; 8 book bloggers share how they balance blogging and life, part one

For once, the Pond is not quiet. It is loud.

Bao the round corgi, with his mouth open wide, barking, and mid-leap through the airWhen you investigate the source of the noise, you find Xiaolong trying to soothe Bao, the corgi that she adopted last year. But no matter how many pets and treats that Xiaolong tries to give him, Bao will not stop barking!

Before you can ask Xiaolong what’s wrong, Bao cranes his head to look at you and jumps out of Xiaolong’s arms and runs up to you. He’s stopped barking. Xiaolong looks a little perplexed.

“He came back from visiting some friends and he kept barking! I think he wants us to read something. It must be important.”

At this, Bao nudges the fat envelope tied to his collar. You crouch down, remove the envelope from Bao, and tear the flap open. Inside is a bundle of handwritten letters!

“What’s inside, friend?” asks Xiaolong. She is petting Bao, who is now quiet and splooting, and seemingly placated after you opened the envelope.

You hand one of the letters to Xiaolong and unfold another to read for yourself. And together, you begin reading the letters.

Greetings, friends. Welcome to The Quiet Pond!

I expect that we may get a lot of new friends and visitors today, so warmest of welcomes to you. My name is CW, and I am the blogger behind The Quiet Pond. You have just met Xiaolong, my Keeper of Magic at The Quiet Pond (here she is pictured on the right), and her pet corgi, Bao. (If this is your first time at The Quiet Pond, I hope you have some time to explore the Pond a little. I hope you enjoy your stay.)

The context

Today’s post means a lot to me.

Very recently, there were some discussions around the book blogging community regarding the value of book bloggers. Read More »