The Pond Gets Loud: The Cost of Book Blogging – What Have We Learned? [Summary]

The Pond Gets Loud: A Summary: The Cost of Book Blogging. An illustration of Xiaolong wearing a lab coat and glasses, winking, standing next to a pie chart on an easel.

Hello friends! A big and warm welcome back to The Quiet Pond. I hope you are all reading some delightful and exciting books.

Our most recent book blogger collaboration series explored the costs of book blogging, and how much book bloggers were spending to maintain their book blogs. As a book blogger based in New Zealand, where books are expensive, I was interested in exploring how the cost of book blogging differs across different book bloggers.

In the last few months, I asked book bloggers to share their costs of book blogging with me. In the end, 25 amazing book bloggers shared how much they spend on book blogging a month or a year and what they spend their money on.

Xiaolong the pink axolotl, wearing glasses and a white scientist coat, in a 'thinking' pose.Today, I’ll be presenting a summary of everything that they have said to hopefully give you an idea of how varied book blogging costs can be. Specifically, I’ll be sharing with you the average cost of book blogging-related expenses book bloggers in this collaboration reportedly spend per month, what they were spending their money on, and the pressures that they feel and why.

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The Pond Gets Loud: How Bloggers Balance Blogging and Life – What Have We Learned? [A Summary]

Xiaolong the pink axolotl, wearing glasses and a white scientist coat, in a 'thinking' pose, standing next to a presentation board stand depicting a pie graph with a smiley face on it.

Hello friends! I hope you are all well, and are reading some spectacular books.

Have you ever wondered how many hours book bloggers spend on their blogs per week? What about the hours they spent reading? Is there a difference in the number of hours employed book bloggers versus student book bloggers spend on their blogs?

In the last month, I asked book bloggers to share their experiences of balancing book blogging and life with me, and 42 incredible book bloggers shared their experiences with me, and detailed their ‘average week’ or thoughts about what it means to be a book blogger and balance that blogging with life.

Today, I am going to present to you all a summary of what they have said, including the number of hours that they spend reading, blogging, what they are doing during their ‘work’ as a book blogger, and some themes that emerged whilst I analysed their responses.

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