Thank You, But Please Don’t Call Me ‘Talented’

Text: Thank you, but don't call me 'talented'. Image: Illustration of Gen the turtle (left), watching Amina the hedgehog (right) pouring tea from a teapot into a teacup.

Hello friends. No pond friends today, though I thought I’d draw Amina and Gen together because this is going to be an art and discussion post. 🥰

Before I begin, I want to make it very clear that I have appreciated every single compliment and praise that I have ever received about my art. I am acutely aware that the support that I receive from everyone in this community has inspired and motivated me to continue my art, and has been integral to my growth and exposure as a small artist.

No matter their content, I understand that compliments and praise come from a good place and mean no ill intent. Therefore, if you have ever expressed your support for my work, liked my work, retweeted my work, shared my work – thank you. Please, please know that I appreciate you, appreciate your support, and am grateful.

On Praising ‘Talent’ and What ‘Talent’ Means

“You’re so talented!”

“I wish I had your talent!”

Friends, let’s talk about the word ‘talented’ and how we use it to praise an artist’s work.

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Descendant of the Crane Fanart Wallpapers!

Text: Gen's Art Garden, Descendant of the Crane Fanart Wallpapers. Image: An illustration of Gen the tortoise, holding some flowers and smiling.

“Long time no see, friend!”

You’re at Gen’s garden today. He had told you to visit some time ago, because he had a surprise for you. (And also, secretly, he missed talking to you!)

On the left, Gen the tortoise looks up at a tall crane.“I had an amazing encounter, friend. When I was outside the Pond collecting some herbs for Varian and flowers for Xiaolong, I saw a beautiful crane standing in the clearing!” he recounts, his eyes lighting up.

“I was so scared to move, but the crane came up to me and looked at me. We exchanged a smile before they flew away.”

Gen smiles at the memory. “I was so inspired, like when Varian gets a costume idea, so I wanted to share some of my produce that reminds me of the crane that I saw with you!”

Hello friends! I hope all of you are well and are looking forward to a wonderful and restful weekend. 💛

Yesterday, I was struck with a pang of inspiration — it’s a moment where I get this incredible and striking image in my head that compels me to just createI don’t often get these, but when I do, they send me into this state where I can draw for hours without pause.

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Is It Just Me Or Do Your Pond Friends… Look A Little Different? [April Fools!]

It’s the first of April, the beginning of a new and exciting month of books, but the Pond looks a little strange. Everything seems a little more crisp. And sharper. It’s like you suddenly have a magical pair of goggles and you are seeing the Pond with a new lens. The magic is still in the air, you can feel it, but you have a sneaking suspicion that something is very… off about the Pond.

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It’s a Corgi Christmas at Gen’s Art Garden!

GEN'S ART GARDEN: CHRISTMAS CORGI WALLPAPERS. Gen the green tortoise with a purple shell, holding a bunch of red and yellow flowers and smiling at you.

“Excuse me, friend.” You look up from the book that you were reading and see Xiaolong looking up at you, trying to hide a big smile that she can’t seem to contain. (She never had a poker face.) “I’m sorry to bother you, but Gen needs your help with something.”

Oh dear! You wonder what Gen needs help with? Well it can’t possibly be bad, because Xiaolong looks absolutely thrilled and has a little jump in her step as she beckons for you to follow.

You follow Xiaolong to Gen’s corner of the Pond. Up ahead, you hear some yelping and yipping – sounds you don’t ordinarily hear at the Pond. When you approach, you see that Gen is surrounded by – oh my! a litter of puppies!

christmas corgi gen“Hello friend,” says Gen, who is working together with Varian to keep the puppies together. “We found these babies who were lost in the forest. And with the festive season so close, we want to find homes for them. Can you help us?”

You pick up one of the puppies, who had escaped Varian’s grasp, and hold it in front of you. It is wearing some tinsel and a Christmas hat.

“I thought they would be much more adoptable if they were festive themselves, so I made them some Christmas outfits,” Varian says, looking rather pleased with themself.

xiaolong and corgi copy.png“But Varian, can’t we keep them all?” asks Xiaolong, who is cuddling a puppy, cheek-to-cheek, as tiny as she is. “They are just so cute…”

Varian exhales loudly, readjusting their hold of the puppies in their hands. “Xiao, we all voted on this. We cannot adopt all of these puppies!”

Xiaolong looks up at you, her eyes big and twinkling and pleading. “Friend, can I adopt one pleaseeeeeeee?”

Well, you don’t know about that. But you think you can help find these babies a new home.

Welcome back to The Quiet Pond, friends!

With the Christmas season fast approaching, I wanted to share with you the product of an idea that I’ve had for a long time: Christmas corgi wallpapers! As you know from my previous Corgi Wallpapers post, all of you know how much I absolutely adore corgis. (One of my life aspirations is to pet and cuddle one, which has yet to happen! I know, it’s a crime.)

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