Book Recommendations – 10 Latine Books Releasing Soon to Look Forward To!

Book Recommendations – 10 Latine Books Releasing Soon to Look Forward To!

Our Friend is Here! is a guest feature at The Quiet Pond, where authors, creatives, and fellow readers, are invited to ‘visit’ the Pond! In Our Friend is Here! guest posts, our visitors (as their very own unique character!) have a friendly conversation about anything related to books or being a reader — and become friends with Xiaolong and friends.

Our Friend is Here: Latine Heritage Month Edition is a month-long event at The Quiet Pond between September 15 – October 15, where we invite Latine authors to celebrate being Latine and Latine books! Find the introduction post for Latine Heritage Month here.

Wow, I can’t believe we are nearing the end of Latine Heritage Month. This month has flown right by and it’s been a truly stellar month with so many Latine books and some wonderful friends visiting too. To end our series of book recommendations, today’s post is not a book recommendation per se – but a list of Latine books that we are looking forward to reading in the next few months! There are so many exciting Latine books releasing soon, so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to shoutout some books so we can all look forward to them together.

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The Pond’s 26 Most Anticipated Books of 2021 (July – December)

The Pond's 26 most anticipated books of 2021 (july - december)

What a wonderful reading year 2021 has been so far!

It’s halfway through the year (already?!) and we are so excited to share with you all our most anticipated reads of the second half of 2021. Earlier this year, we shared our most anticipated reads releasing January to June 2021. Reflecting on the books we have read so far, we can certainly say that this year has been full of delights and surprises – both expected and unexpected

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