Black History Month – An Interview with Sarah Raughley, Author of The Bones of Ruin; On Her Inspirations, Growth as a Writer, and How RPGs Do It Better

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Our Friend is Here: Black History Month Edition is a month-long event at The Quiet Pond during the month of February, where Black authors are invited to celebrate being Black and Black books! Find the introduction post for Black History Month here.

I love seeing Black young-adult fantasy stories, especially when there’s Black Girl Magic written by Black authors. Books like A Blade So Black and Amari and the Night Brothers, two of my favourite fantasy stories that feature Black girls as heroines who grapple with and weird extraordinary power, are stories I love reading. If you love the sound of these stories too, then I’m really excited to share with you all today’s wonderful author interview, whose line of incredible work have brought readers interesting and powerful Black magical girls.

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