A Farewell and Thank You To One of My Amazing Co-Bloggers

The moment you receive Xiaolong’s message, you drop the book you were reading and run as fast as you can to the Pond.

When you finally reach the Pond, you see your little pond friends crowded around Stella the Dragonfly. You join in the little circle they have formed around her, glad that you made it just in time.

Because, as Xiaolong’s note said, Stella is leaving the Pond to go on another adventure.

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The Pond News Issue #8 – Amazing Releases, Big Book Announcements & New TV Shows!

Text: The Pond Book News. Issue eight. Amazing releases, big book announcements, and new tv shows. Image: A dragonfly wearing a purple hat, behind a stand.

Welcome to Issue #8!

stella 6Hello! This week has been amazing for the book world! I really have loved collecting it all for this week and I am so happy to tell you about all the amazing books coming out this week!  I went to visit The Forest of Dandelion trees for a picnic with my friend,  Martha. She’s a Ladybird and has such pretty wings. We ate leafy greens and elderflower water, it was delicious! I loved talking to her about all the things we’ve seen and then I had the relisation that I’ve heard so many things and last week when I met Titus the Wise he told me so many things, including this weeks news! It was so amazing and I have been trying so hard to keep it in all week! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

❤ Stella

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The Pond News! Issue #7- Fantastic LGBTQIA+ Releases & Adorable Contemporary Book Announcements!


Welcome to Issue #7!

stella 2Hi, hi, Lovelies!

I hope you’re doing well this week! I was staying with my friend, Squirly the Squirrel in her treehouse. It’s so pretty up there and all of her furniture is made out of oak. I loved staying with her. after a long day of gathering acorns, we made and ate acorn cupcakes with buttercream icing! They were so yummy and warm. Perfect for a rainy day.

After that, we went to bed. After a long sleep, early in the morning, I was awoken by an intermittent pecking noise and it didn’t stop. So, I went to investigate what was making the pecking sound. I stuck my head out the window trying to find our pecking culprit. The pecking stopped for a second. I looked down, left and right but, I couldn’t find anything! and then the pecking started again and I looked above to the tree next to us and a saw a beautiful black and white speckled bird with red patches on its head and tail. It was a woodpecker- Of course!

I shake my wings out from the sleepy form and fly up towards the woodpecker and say, “Hello, there!”

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The Pond News Issue #6 – It’s Cover Reveals Week! New Asian Fantasies and Exciting Announcements!


Welcome to Issue #6!

stella 2Hello, Lovelies! It’s my favourite time of the week where I tell you about all the exciting book news of the week! But, unfortunately I couldn’t make it last week. But, this week is just extra special since we’re going to have a mash up Issue! I can’t wait to tell you about all the amazing books coming out this week!

I hope the rest of your week is as magical and amazing as you!

❤ Stella

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The Pond News Issue #5 – Scrumptious Bites, Time Travelling & Amazing Bloggers!

Text: The Pond Book News; Issue 05. Scrumptious bites, time travelling, and amazing bloggers! Image: An illustration of Stella the dragonfly, wearing a newsy cap, behind a stand and holding up a roll of newspaper.

Welcome to Issue #5!

Hello, lovelies! It feels like it’s been so, so long and I am so happy to be back! stella 1

Last week, I didn’t feel very well so Xiaolong kindly took over for me! Her costume was so adorable and very convincing – hehe!

This week I went on a little adventure through the dandelion forest and up the mossy hills of the mosquitoes. They were very friendly and invited me for tea where they kindly told me some of the book news they had heard from the bumbly bees of bumble. It was so lovely visiting them and I can’t wait to share the book news they told me to you! I hope you enjoy!

❤ Stella

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