Black History Month – An Interview with Janelle McCurdy, Author of Umbra Tales; On Writing Protagonists for Young Black Kids and Gaming Influences

Our Friend is Here! is a guest feature at The Quiet Pond, where authors, creatives, and fellow readers, are invited to ‘visit’ the Pond! In Our Friend is Here! guest posts, our visitors (as their very own unique character!) have a friendly conversation about anything related to books or being a reader — and become friends with Xiaolong and friends.

Our Friend is Here: Black History Month Edition is a month-long event at The Quiet Pond during the month of February, where Black authors are invited to celebrate being Black and Black books! Find the introduction post for Black History Month here.

For our friends out there looking for a story that will feel like the most exciting video game you know, look no further! When I heard of Janelle McCurdy’s upcoming middle-grade debut, Umbra Tales (UK title: Mia and the Lightcasters; US title: The Lightcasters), a story that gives me monster tamers vibes, has realms of light and darkness, and a high-stakes story with a Black main character, I knew I had to invite Janelle to the Pond so we – well, I! – could learn more about her awesome debut.

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