Descendant of the Crane Fanart Wallpapers!

Text: Gen's Art Garden, Descendant of the Crane Fanart Wallpapers. Image: An illustration of Gen the tortoise, holding some flowers and smiling.

“Long time no see, friend!”

You’re at Gen’s garden today. He had told you to visit some time ago, because he had a surprise for you. (And also, secretly, he missed talking to you!)

On the left, Gen the tortoise looks up at a tall crane.“I had an amazing encounter, friend. When I was outside the Pond collecting some herbs for Varian and flowers for Xiaolong, I saw a beautiful crane standing in the clearing!” he recounts, his eyes lighting up.

“I was so scared to move, but the crane came up to me and looked at me. We exchanged a smile before they flew away.”

Gen smiles at the memory. “I was so inspired, like when Varian gets a costume idea, so I wanted to share some of my produce that reminds me of the crane that I saw with you!”

Hello friends! I hope all of you are well and are looking forward to a wonderful and restful weekend. 💛

Yesterday, I was struck with a pang of inspiration — it’s a moment where I get this incredible and striking image in my head that compels me to just createI don’t often get these, but when I do, they send me into this state where I can draw for hours without pause.

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Welcome to Gen’s Art Garden! (Look! Gen has corgi wallpapers for you!)

GEN'S ART GARDEN: MOTIVATIONAL CORGI WALLPAPERS. Gen the green tortoise with a purple shell, holding a bunch of red and yellow flowers and smiling at you.

You realise you have seen a lot of Xiaolong, but you really haven’t seen a lot of the other inhabitants in the Pond. You tell Xiaolong this and that you’d love to meet Gen the Tortoise Apothecarist, and her face lights up with a big smile.

“I’m so happy that you want to get to know the others more, friend! It makes me so happy when my friends want to meet and be friends with my other friends! Follow me!”

She jumps up from her spot, and waddles over to the other side of the Pond. Here, the plants are bigger, brighter, and you see tiny plant beds. The beds look clean and tidy (clearly Gen takes great care of his garden!), but there doesn’t seem to be any plants in sight.

Xiaolong with pink axolotl, wearing an upside down flower hat, walking to the right, with a finger to her lips (shushing you)As you approach, your footsteps crunching along the earth, Xiaolong gently hushes you. “Ssssssh. The seeds are sleepy. Gen just planted the baby plants this morning and they’re going to do their best to grow! Maybe Gen has something to share from his last harvest?”

Over there, you see Gen the Tortoise Apothecarist tending to some little sprouts. When he sees you, he retreats a little bit into his big purple shell, but he gives you a small and tentative smile. You guess he is still a little shy.

“Hi Gen!” says Xiaolong, waddling over to stand next to Gen the tortoise. “Say hi to our friend. They wanted to come and meet you!”

“Hello,” says Gen in a low and small voice. You say hello back, crouching down so you don’t tower over him. “I thought that you might be coming over… so… I prepared some gifts for you, friend.” He blushes a little. “I hope you will like them. Though, if you don’t like them, you don’t have to take it home. That’s okay. I understand.”

Gen the green tortoise, withdrawn into his purple shell, appearing shy, with Xiaolong the pink axolotl,wearing an upside down flower hat, consoling and smiling at Gen.Xiaolong gives Gen an encouraging smile, and gives you a big grin. “Gen, you put so much care into your garden. Of course our friend is going to love them! And I know you put an extra little bit more magic to make sure that these flowers for our friends would grow well, right?”

Gen nods, his green head almost inside his shell. (Gosh, he’s so shy! Maybe he needs some encouragement.)

“I think they’re beautiful, Gen. Thank you so much, ” you tell him. “Do you think I could have a closer look?”

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening friends! Welcome back to The Quiet Pond.

Thank you all so much for your patience while The Quiet Pond was down. I’m so happy to be back, and to thank you all for your support, I want to share with you all some wallpapers! 💛

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