The Inhabitants

The Quiet Pond is a home to some of your magical pond friends who are caretakers of the Pond’s magic. In other words, you will get to see different inhabitants of the Pond depending on the blog posts that are published!

The Inhabitants of The Quiet Pond

Xiaolong, the pink axolotl, wearing a purple flower hat and holding a brown staff.

Xiaolong (CW), Keeper of Magic, is the kind-of-leader of the Pond. Xiaolong is an axolotl, has baby pink skin, and is always seen wearing her favourite purple flower hat. She loves to read and share written-magic! She’ll always be there when you visit the Pond, and sometimes she’ll have a book review to share with you!

An illustration of an otter standing on its hind legs, holding a stuffed otter to its chest, wearing a purple pajama cap.Cuddle (Joce) the sea otter is a shy inhabitant, but don’t be fooled – once you become friends with her, she will share her big opinions. Her stuffed animal otter, Party, is her source of comfort. She loves having a Cuddle Party in a comfy corner of the pond with a yummy fish snack, a cup of water, and a book. She loves a good nap, so thank goodness she’s always wearing her nightcap! She will review the books she reads and provide updates about her reading plans and bookish opinions.

Sprout the sparrow, wearing an agender-coloured cape (dark grey, grey, white, green, white, grey) with a little green sapling on their head.Sprout (Skye) the sparrow is the warm-hearted Lorekeeper of the Pond. Born with a keen curiosity for magical legends, they have spent many years wandering the world and learning of local tales and myths before settling down with their friends. Sprout now lives in the cozy tree stump by the Pond, and always seems to have an endless supply of stories and sunflower seeds to share with their visitors. Come by the Pond every Sunday to learn of the latest news and tales they have discovered! 

Gen, the green and purple tortoise, wearing a leaf hat.Gen the Tortoise Apothecarist is the Pond’s herb gardener and keeper. The scales on Gen’s face and legs are green, and his shell is purple and white. Gen loves gardening and seeing plants grow, so you will see him when he has something he wants to share with you from his art garden.

An illustration of Varian the toad, sewingVarian the Toadshifter couldn’t decide what they wanted to be as a tadpole, so they decided to be everything and is fluent in all kinds of magic. They have light green skin. They want to get better at sewing-magic, and they love making their own costumes, so you’ll see them when they have some books to recommend.

xiaolong and corgi copyBao the corgi is the Pond’s resident pet! Bao was found outside the Pond, and after much negotiating and insisting and good manners, Xiaolong adopted Bao on Pond-mas! Though Bao can only bark and bork, you will usually see Bao borking up a storm when the Pond has invited others to collaborate with the Pond in ‘The Pond Gets Loud‘.

Frequent Friends of The Quiet Pond

Amina the hedgehog, wearing a striped hat and playing a strummed-stringed instrument.Amina the Hedgehog Bard is a brown hedgehog and is often seen holding her magical lute. Amina isn’t a resident at The Pond because she’s often away wandering the vast world, learning about new kinds of magic and helping wayward magical beings. But when she’s visiting the Pond, you’ll see her sharing a discussion post.

Illustration of Aunty Buaya the crocodile, looking face on, wearing her glasses on a chain, folding her arms, and wearing her pink visorAunty Buaya is an visor-wearing, glasses-wearing, Crocs-wearing retired Paladile (crocodile Paladin!) from an ancient order known as the Knights of Strongjaw. She’s a grumpy-looking crocodile with green skin and is an old friend of the Pond’s. She doesn’t reside at the Pond – she lives in a faraway river with her wife – but if you see her, prepare yourself: she has a rant to share with you.

Old Friends of The Quiet Pond

stella 2Stella the dragonfly was your buzziest friend in the Pond! Although Stella doesn’t live in the Pond anymore, she worked super hard flying here and there, trying to find the newest book news out there! Stella had a stall and shared the latest book news. We all love and miss Stella. You can now find Stella at her blogTwitterPinterest or Goodreads.