The Pond’s History

Welcome to The Quiet Pond’s History! Read on to learn more about important milestones for the Pond friends.


October 26th 2018 – The Quiet Pond was first discovered by you! You met Xiaolong, Gen, and Varian for the first time.

first header

December 25th 2018Bao was adopted by Xiaolong and friends during our first Pond-mas!


March 23rd 2019The Quiet Pond’s first co-blogger was revealed! Cuddle the Otter (Joce) joined The Quiet Pond.

Text: Meet your newest friend: say hello to the pond's new co-blogger. Image: A silhouette of a bipedal animal, with question marks floating around the silhouette.

April 1st 2019 – The Pond friends played an April Fools Joke on you! If only Xiaolong didn’t give everyone away.

May 16th 2019The Quiet Pond’s second co-blogger was revealed! Stella the Dragonfly joined The Quiet Pond.

Text: Meet your newest friend, say hello the pond's second co-blogger! image: a silhouette with a winged insect.

May 22nd 2019Amina finally returned to the Pond! She had been away for a long time and we hadn’t seen her in a long time.

August 8th 2019You met Aunty Buaya for the first time! That was quite the encounter, huh?

Meet Your Newest Friend: Say Hello to the pond's favourite aunty

August 14th 2019Stella the Dragonfly left The Quiet Pond to embark on new adventures.

August 20th 2019The Quiet Pond went on a hiatus for a revamp.

October 3rd 2019The Quiet Pond returned from hiatus! We came back with a new and fresher banner, and introduced two new features: ‘Our Friend is Here!’ and ‘Story Time’.

header 2_final_small

October 4th 2019 – The Quiet Pond’s new co-blogger was announced! Sprout the Sparrow, the new Lorekeeper (Skye), joined the Pond.

October 31st 2019 – The Quiet Pond celebrated its first Pond-o-Ween!

December 25th 2019The Pond friends had their second Pond-mas!


January 12th 2020 – The Quiet Pond hosted its first readathon: the Pondathon!

May 2020 – We hosted our very first Our Friend is Here: Asian Heritage Month Edition guest series! We hosted over 25 Asian authors and bookish content creators to talk about Asian books and reading Asian.