Varian’s Book Recommendations


Varian is the resident Toadshifter at the Pond, and loves recommending books!

In case you’re new to the Pond’s book recommendation posts, the recommendation posts are brought to you by Varian, the Pond’s very own Toadshifter who is knowledgeable in all kinds of magic! One of Varian’s ambitions is to get better at sewing, hence why whenever Varian has come up with their latest costume, they will always recommend a few books that inspired them!

Varian the Toadshifter, with a hand over his heart, with a staff, shield, sword, and bow around him. A sewing needle and thread is above his head, lit up for emphasis.Don’t be fooled by Varian the Toadshifter. For they may appear to be a plain toad, they are actually an incredibly powerful and knowledgeable magic caster – they just love improving their sewing skills to create lovely costumes!

Varian recognises that magic is most powerful when you share it with others. That’s why whenever you see Varian, they will recommend some books to youYou can read a little more about Varian’s life and story here.

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