Before making contact, please read the below as it may answer your question.

Q. Do you accept book review requests?

Please read our review policy here.

Q. Can I be featured at The Quiet Pond?

The Quiet Pond runs a guest feature called ‘Our Friend is Here’, where guests visit us as ‘friends’ of the Pond. Please read more about how to get featured here.

Q. Do you have an art shop?

At present, CW has a Society6 shop, which can be found here: Artfromafriend’s Society6 shop.

Q. May I use or feature your content/art in my blog or personal content?

Please ask me, either via direct message CW on Twitter (@artfromafriend) or via email at thequietpond@gmail.com, before using or featuring any of my content. Please do not feature (including reposting and/or resharing) our art without our explicit permission.

Q. Who draws all the art on this book blog?

All art in The Quiet Pond is drawn by CW unless stated otherwise.

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