Our Friend is Here: Latinx Heritage Month 2020

Our Friend is Here! Latinx Heritage Month Edition. A month celebrating latinx voices and literature.

The Quiet Pond celebrated Latinx Heritage Month in 2020! We hosted 13 guests during Latinx Heritage Month and celebrated Latinx identity and literature with author interviews, blogger interviews, and introductions to wonderful authors!

Read our event’s introduction post here.


Author Interviews
Blogger/Content Creator Interviews
  • An Interview with Paola, Organiser of the Latinx Heritage Month Book Fest!
  • An Interview with Carmen, the Fashion Bookstagrammer; On Her Bookstagram Inspirations and How It Shaped Her Identity
  • An Interview with Adriana, the Creator Behind Boricua Reads and #ReadLatinx; On Being a Latinx Books Advocate and Supporting Afro-Latinx Creators
  • An Interview with Karina, the Book Blogger Behind 24hr.YABookBlog; On Growing as a Blogger and How It Shaped Her Identity
  • An Interview with Adri, the Booktuber Behind perpetualpages; On The Evolution of Booktube, Queer Sports Books, and Celebrating Latinx Lit
Discussions with a Booktuber
Book Recommendations