Work With Us!

The team behind The Quiet Pond are open to working with authors, publicists, and publishers to promote books. The below outlines and provides further information on how you can work with us. If you have any questions or if you would like to work with us, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

Who are you looking to feature?

An illustration of Xiaolong the axolotl, waving her hand and winking at you while holding up a flag with the inclusive Pride flag - horizontal stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, with a triangle with black, brown, light blue, pink, and white on the left side of the flag.

One of the goals of The Quiet Pond is to uplift work by marginalised creators. In other words, we do our best to promote work by people who are genderqueer, identify as LGBTQIAP+, are disabled, people of colour and/or indigenous peoples, or intersections of a marginalised identity. 

People who we love to feature:

  • Authors – debut, published, or due to publish within one year of release
  • Book bloggers, bookstagrammers, and booktubers (currently not open to unsolicited requests)
  • Content creators, artists and/or creatives that work adjacent to the publishing industry

If you’re not sure if you are the right fit for The Quiet Pond, please use our book review policy as a guideline for our interests.

Cover Reveals

We are delighted to offer The Quiet Pond as a space for authors to share their cover reveals! We understand that cover reveals are a huge milestone in an author and book’s journey. Not only do we want to celebrate along side you, we want to celebrate you and make your cover reveal special. We are readers ourselves, so we know what makes a good cover reveal.

See the cover reveals we have done:

Our Friend is Here Guest Feature

An illustration of Aiden Thomas as a golden retriever sitting down, wearing a red snapback hat, a Black adidas t-shirt with white stripes down the shoulders, and wearing a silver necklace with a round pendant. He is sticking his tongue out and winking at you.

Our Friend is Here is a guest feature where our guests ‘visit’ The Quiet Pond. We have done author interviews or blogger interviews, hosted a discussion or piece, or even a mix of both. To get an idea of what our guest feature looks like, feel free to go through our latest features here.

What can I do for a feature?

Author interviews

Author interviews are our most popular and common guest features at The Quiet Pond. In particular, we love interviewing authors, especially marginalised debut authors. We endeavour to ask interesting questions that break the mould of cookie-cutter questions that will pique our readers’ interests. Specifically, we enjoy asking questions about (1) identity, (2) themes, (3) craft, and (4) writing journeys. We may ask you for a copy of your book, which will enable us to tailor and ask better interview questions.

To get an idea of our interview styles, here are examples of our favourite author interviews:

An illustration of Romina Garber as a she-wolf, wearing pink sunglasses.

Writing a Discussion/Piece

We also invite authors/book content creators to share with us a discussion or piece that explores a topic that is meaningful to them. We are particularly interested in pieces about: (1) identity, (2) debut/writing journeys, (3) reading/writing experiences, and (4) influences. Our word count guideline is between 1000 – 3500 words. Please do not submit a completed piece when submitting your expression of interest – we would love to discuss the topics that interest you first, to see if they are a right fit for the Pond.

Here are examples of some discussion/pieces that we have hosted:

An illustration of Katie Zhao as a red chinesee dragon, holding a golden and pointed staff.

Let’s Go On a Pond-cation!

Xiaolong the axolotl, wearing big glasses on her head, holding a suitcase, and a camera around her neck.

Let’s Go On a Pond-cation is a guest feature where you, the guest, take the reader on a ‘virtual tour’ (Pond-cation!) through real or fictional places located within stories. It is a guest feature best suited if you want to focus and explore worldbuilding or a book’s setting. This can involve taking guests on a virtual tour to: (1) real life places that have inspired fantasy/fictional places, (2) real life places in a contemporary/historical book, or (3) fictional places in a book. (This idea is credited to Julie Abe, author of Eva Evergreen, Semi-Magical Witch. Thanks Julie, for letting us use your idea to help us celebrate authors!)

Here is an example of a Let’s Go On a Pond-cation post:

What can I expect when working with you?

  • We put a lot of heart and hard work into all of our guest features. We take the time to work through what you would like to get out of your guest feature, propose engaging and exciting ideas, and promote you to the best of our ability.
  • CW will draw your very own ‘pondsona’ (Pond + persona)!
  • We aim to be transparent about our capacity and our timeline.
  • Our aim is to make the collaborative process as easy (and fun!) for you as possible.
  • Although Joce and CW work full-time and Skye is a full-time student, we may not always be able to answer within one day, but we promise to communicate to the best to our ability.
  • Because of our commitment to producing high-quality content, we will be involved in the editing process. Please be open to minor to major changes.

Contact Us! We’d Love to Hear From You!

If you are interested in being featured, please contact us through our Contact Form or email CW at

In your email:

  1. please use the email subject: “Visiting the Pond – [guest feature you are interested in doing]”
  2. give us more information on what you’d like to do/your ideas/how you would like to be featured
  3. your proposed timeline of when the post will be published on our book blog

If CW, Joce, or Skye are interested in working with you, we will contact you directly. Please understand that we do not answer all of our requests, as we receive many requests daily.