Heritage/History/Pride Months

We love inviting authors to the Pond and talking about the books we love. Here at The Quiet Pond, we partake in the celebrations for Heritage, History, or Pride Months by inviting new friends and sharing books pertaining to the Celebration Month.

You can find our past events here (oldest to most recent):

Our Friend is Here! Pride Month Edition 2021. Celebrating Pride Month with Queer Authors and Intersectional Voices & Literature
Pride Month 2021

Our Friend is Here! Asian Pasifika Heritage Month. Celebrating the month of may with 17 asian and pacific islander authors
Asian Pasifika Heritage Month 2021

Black History Month 2021

Our Friend is Here! Latinx Heritage Month Edition. A month celebrating latinx voices and literature.
Latinx Heritage Month 2020

Our Friend is Here! Pride Month Edition: A Month celebrating intersectional queer voices and experiences. two rainbows border the left and right of the banner, with xiaolong the axolotl, cuddle the otter, and sprout the sparrow gesturing widely and proudly at the text in the middle.
Pride Month 2020

Our Friend is Here: Asian Heritage Month Edition. 31 Wonderful Days of Celebrating Asian Voices and Literature
Asian Heritage Month 2020