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Sprout is the Lorekeeper at the Pond and shares weekly book news with us!

Sprout the sparrow, wearing an agender-coloured cape (dark grey, grey, white, green, white, grey) with a little green sapling on their head.Sprout has made the Pond their home, and you can often find them close to their magical tree stump! As the Pond’s resident Lorekeeper, Sprout listens closely to the trees and plants, who carry news of wonderful new stories and exciting chatter out in the vast wide world. You can read a little more about the first time you met Sprout here. 

What is The Pond Book News?

Every Sunday, be sure to visit The Quiet Pond as Sprout will share with you the latest book news and announcements for diverse books (and maybe even some sunflower seeds)!

Do you have a piece of publishing-related news related to diversity and inclusion that you would like to submit for us to be featured? Submit your news or your questions using this form!

The Pond Book News, with Sprout the sparrow, closing their eyes and listening to the trees.
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