Pondathon II: Prologue – Bring Out Your Hats, Gloves, and Sunscreen! It’s Time to Garden! [Sign-Up and Character Creation]

Pondathon II: The Quiet Pond's Story-Driven Readathon

Pondathon II is a year-long gardening-themed readathon hosted by The Quiet Pond! Help us restore the forest by reading to earn plants and decorate your own garden. For more information about Pondathon, read our Readathon Information Post or check out our Pondathon II Portal.

The story:

“Here’s the plan,” announces Xiaolong, standing atop a rock for extra height (because she does actually need it). “The forest helped to protect us when we needed it, but a lot of forest sprites lost their homes.”

“The plants and the trees and the flowers aren’t growing back as they used to be,” mumbles Cuddle, holding Party, her stuffed otter plushie, closer to her chest. Gen nods sadly, and you notice that his garden patch hasn’t quite been the same. 

“The forest’s magic was drained when it fought for us, but before that, the forest has always taken care of us. Our magic is part of the forest’s magic,” explains Sprout, the sprout atop their head wilting slightly at the thought. 

“In other words, friend,” says Varian, holding a group of forest sprites in their hands. “We are going to sow magic back into the land. We are going to rebuild homes for the forest sprites. And we’re going to need your help to do it.”

“But we need to prepare!” says Xiaolong. “Magic is hard work. So, Varian, can you make us all some garden gloves? Cuddle, can you bring out all the seeds and saplings? Sprout, can you let the forest know? And Gen,” she pauses, and you can tell that Gen’s instructions will be super important, “can you make us some sunscreen?”

Friends of the Pond!

In this post, you can officially sign-up to participate in Pondathon II. Sign-up, create your character, find your favourite gloves and boots, and make them look awesome to prepare for our gardening adventures ahead. And don’t forget sunscreen!

Sign-Up for Pondathon II

Signing up is super important friends – so make sure you don’t forget! By signing up, you will be able to redeem the books that you have read for plants and also participate in quests given by the Pond friends.

Sign-ups are open until the Pondathon closes on December 10th 2022 June 26th 2022, when the Pondathon ends. Complete the form below to sign up for Pondathon II.

Sign-Up Form

Having trouble completing the form? Try signing-up here.

Sign-Up Post Template


We highly recommend that you create a sign-up post for Pondathon II! Show off your snazzy character, spread the word about how the forest and the Pond needs our help. We have created a sign-up post and a TBR template that you can use, which you can find here on the Pondathon Google Drive.

However, if you don’t have a book blog or would rather write your own post, make sure the following information is included:

The Garden

Read books to earn rewards, and use those rewards to decorate your own garden. 🌱

Here is the little plot of forest that Xiaolong has given to you. You can find it here in the Pondathon II Google Drive.

A few tips for our new gardeners:

  • Please do not remove the Pondathon II logo and the credit underneath.
  • We have provided a .psd and a .png option for you to use. For those using .psd, we recommend inserting your plants underneath the ‘glass front corner‘ layer.
  • For those using .png, decorate on the ‘pondathon terrarium_bottom’ layer, and then insert the ‘pondathon terrarium_top’ layer after you have finished decorating so it completes the terrarium look!
  • The garden is 1080×1080 – perfect for those using Instagram!

Character Creation

I hope you all are excited, because this is the exciting part!

Even gardeners and caretakers of the forest need to look, dress, and feel the part. Create your own Pond character using the resources below, fit them with your favourite gardening attire (don’t worry if there aren’t enough options; there will be opportunities across the readathon to earn more accessories!), and feel awesome doing it.

Once you’re done, you’re all ready! Be sure to share your Pondathon Character Card with the #PondathonII hashtag on social media and in your Pondathon sign-up posts.

Steps and guidelines on creating your character:

  1. Open your favourite image editing software – or use Pixlr, which is an in-browser image editing tool.
  2. Download the character creation resources from the Google Drive link below.
  3. Start with a base – your own animal character!
  4. Choose a facial expression by adding eyes, nose, and a mouth! Express yourself!
  5. Decorate your animal character with accessories! At the Pond, there is no such thing as ‘too many’ accessories. Though, if you want one or no accessory? We also love it.
  6. Add your completed character on your Character Card – or use it anytime for the Pondathon!
  7. If showcasing your Pondathon character, please always link back to either the Information Post or Sign-Up Post when possible. If you want to use your Pondathon character as your display picture, go for it! But please remember to link back to @artfromafriend on Twitter/Instagram.
  8. Do not use your completed character for any purpose outside of the Pondathon readathon.
  9. Do not distribute and/or reproduce any Pondathon art, including the Pond characters and readathon and/or quest rewards.

Character creation resources:

Find premade characters and character resources can be found here.


  • Friends who participated in Pondathon I, you will have to remake your character card, as we don’t have teams in Pondathon II. (We’re all one big team now!)
  • Don’t have Photoshop or an image editing tool? You can use Pixlr for free.
  • Download all the animals, facial expressions, and accessories that you want, and then upload the resource through ‘the Add Element/Image’ function on Pixlr.
  • Utilise the layer function on right-hand size of Pixlr. This will allow you to put some objects behind or in front of others! (Layers on top are ‘in front’ while layers at the bottom are ‘behind’.)
  • Feel free to change the colour (Adjust → Hue) of accessories, clothes, anything you’d like, so that it fits your character.
  • When saving your image, make sure that the background is transparent.
  • The only custom characters we will create are for our disabled friends. If you would like your Pond character to have their own mobility aid/equipment, please email us at pondathon@gmail.com with details of what you’d like your Pond character to look like.

Now, add it to a blank Character Card!

Here’s an example of a completed character card:

You can find the character card templates here.


  • The teal green colour used for your name is #21a087.
  • The purple colour used for your character card information is #be7bcd.
  • Download the font used in the character card: Bakso Sapi, which is 100% free to use and download.
  • If you are unable to download and use the above font, use any font that is easy to read and preferably block letters (i.e., not cursive writing).
  • Include two lines in your character information:
    • Your Pond character’s name (doesn’t have to be your own!), and their fantasy-esque title, e.g., Xiaolong, Keeper of the Pond; Gen, Tortoise Apothecarist; Varian, Toadshifter.
    • Your blog URL or main social media platform’s handle, e.g., ‘Twitter: @artfromafriend’
  • Do not remove the twelve purple circles at the bottom of the character card. Those are important to the readathon.

Discord server


Also, don’t forget to join our Pondathon II discord server!

You can meet new friends and buddy-read companions, find fellow team members, show off your unique gardens, celebrate each other, and vibe. 💛 Be sure to read and follow the server’s rules so that we can all have fun.

I hope you’re ready, gardening friends! Thank you so much for joining us; the Pond friends are so excited that you’ll be joining them in restoring the forest.


In two days, we will be sharing a tutorial (frequently asked questions [FAQ]) post where your burning questions about the readathon will be answered. If you are worried that your question won’t be included, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll make sure that your question and our answer will be included.

The Pondathon will officially begin on January 10th 2022. Be sure to follow is on Twitter (@thequietpond) or follow The Quiet Pond blog so you stay in the loop with all the readathon updates, side quests, and important information.

See you all soon! 🥰

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  1. Will there be a list of books that we have to read, or can we read anything we want? (There are several books released in 2021 that I want to read, but not sure if it can be counted towards Pondathon).

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