Pondathon II: New Side Quest! Repotting Plants with Amina

Pondathon II is a year-long gardening-themed readathon hosted by The Quiet Pond! Help us restore the forest by reading to earn plants and decorate your own garden. For more information about Pondathon, read our Readathon Information Post or check out our Pondathon II Portal.

The story:

You’ve been hard at work, putting together and building little insect homes with Varian. With all your little critter friends now given new homes, you wave goodbye to Varian and decide to see how your favourite hedgehog bard is doing!

For once, Amina doesn’t have her lute in hand and she isn’t strumming a tune like she usually is. Instead, Amina has found herself a comfy spot by the Pond, a multitude of plant pots before her.

“Hi friend!” she greets cheerfully, giving you a wave. When you ask her what she’s doing, she responds, “Oh, with all of this gardening and growing and planting, some of our little plant friends have outgrown their pots so we need to put them in bigger ones so they have more room to grow!”

She appears thoughtful for a second, and then shakes her head. “It’s tedious work, though. But if you want to spend some time with me, I can sing so it makes the time go faster!”

You’ve received a quest!

Amina needs our help repotting plants – and it looks like she is happy for you to take some of the spare plant pots for your own garden! It may be tedious work, but with her singing and your fine company, the time should go by fast.

Quest expires on: 14th May 2022, 8:00PM NZT. [?]


To complete this quest and receive the quest reward, complete the following objective(s):

  • Read a book by a Latine author.
  • This quest is repeatable. (Repeating this quest is optional.)
  • Those who complete the quest may choose their quest reward. However, designs and colours of the reward are random.
  • Participants may change the hue/colour of their reward.
  • Bonus: Read two books that meet the above objectives to earn the Growing Up badge for your character card!
  • Secret Achievement: Read at least three books that the above objectives.

Available Quest Rewards:

1. Plant pot (7 designs, 2 colours available)
2. Terracotta plant pot (2 designs, 1 colour available)
3. Pot stand (2 designs, 1 colour available)

Save or Submit Your Progress!

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