Meet Stella, Your Newest (and Most Buzzy!) Pond Friend [Introducing Our Second Co-Blogger!]

Text: Meet your newest friend, say hello the pond's second co-blogger! image: a silhouette with a winged insect.

You’re sitting by the Pond, eating fish-flavoured biscuits with Cuddle, Gen, and Varian, when Xiaolong comes barreling through the Pond.

Xiaolong the pink axolotl, poi

“Friends, come quick!” says Xiaolong, beckoning for you all to follow. “She’s here! She’s made it!”

Who’s here, Xiaolong?” you ask, as you get up to follow her. The others look excited; Cuddle runs ahead of Xiaolong and everyone else, Varian stands a little taller and brushes the dirt off their feet, and Gen looks a little shy but eager.

“Our newest friend! Our newest member of the Pond family!”

Friends, I am so happy you are here! It is with excitement and joy that I finally get to introduce to you all my second co-blogger! In March, you all met Cuddle and Joce. Today, you all get to meet the Pond’s newest friend – and you are all going to love her. 💛

Back when I was looking for co-bloggers to work with me at The Quiet Pond, I was looking for two: one to help me with book reviews (and that’s when I brought Joce on board!) and another to start a new and exciting feature. I had the honour and privilege of receiving so many applications – everyone who applied made it really difficult for me to choose. However, I am thrilled to finally announce my second co-blogger, who I think will bring a lot of energy and excitement to the Pond.

So I won’t hold you off from meeting your newest Pond friend (and my newest co-blogger) any longer! I hope you all will give her the warmest of welcomes.

Friends, meet Stella the Dragonfly!

You see a dragonfly flitting around the Pond. When you approach, they seem to be wearing a newsy cap and are holding a small bag. When the dragonfly sees you, she flies over to you with a big smile on her face.

stella 1.png

“Hello, all! My name is Stella and it is so lovely to meet you!” she greets. “I’m super chuffed, to be here and to finally work with my lovely friends here at The Quiet Pond to deliver news to you! It’s so thrilling to find out new and exciting things! Especially when it comes to books!”

Stella the dragonfly's hand, holding a key to you.

“Oh, gosh, I forgot to mention… Here, take this.” Stella reaches into her small bag and hands you a small object. “It’s a very important key that unlocks my bag. I have to keep this news under lock and key because I really want you to enjoy it when I do show it to you! I trust that you can keep it safe!”

Stella turns around and fumbles with something. You can’t quite tell what she’s doing – you wait patiently for her to finish; it looks important! – until she turns around. “Here’s a friendship daisy crown. I hope you like it!”

Stella the dragonfly wearing a purple newsy cap, holds up a flower crown to you.

The daisy crown may be a little wonky, but it was definitely made with care. You look at yourself in her wings again and find yourself contemplating how she found all the book news and ask her.

“Oh, well, I love flying and flying high! When I fly high, I see so many things. Trees as tall as giants and birds as colourful as rainbows and lots and lots of new stories on the horizon! But, when I’m not flying, I love reading painting and star-gazing. It’s so much fun! You’ll have to come with me one day.”

You like the sound of that! You talk with Stella a little longer, asking her about her adventures of flying and star-gazing. You can’t wait to hear more from Stella in your future visits at the Pond!

Introducing my newest co-blogger: Stella!

Friends, please join and help me give the biggest and warmest welcome to the Pond’s newest co-blogger, Stella!

stella dp big

Stella is a book blogger at Stella’s Bookish World, and she also has a gorgeous bookstagram. I absolutely adore Stella’s energy and enthusiasm for books, and knew immediately that she’d bring that enthusiasm and energy to The Quiet Pond! Stella, as Stella the Dragonfly, will bring you weekly book news that will highlight new book releases, book announcements, and some awesome blog posts within the community. I am super excited to work with Stella, and I’m overjoyed that she’s now a part of The Quiet Pond.

Say hello to Stella!

Friends, please give Stella a super warm welcome to The Quiet Pond. Feel free to introduce yourself and say hello!

35 thoughts on “Meet Stella, Your Newest (and Most Buzzy!) Pond Friend [Introducing Our Second Co-Blogger!]

    • Hi, Lucille! Thank you so much for such a warm welcome! and I know, the illustrations are so pretty! CW is so talented! I can’t wait for you to read them either! ❤


  1. Welcome Stella! I’ve followed your blog and bookstagram as well!

    (Also, CW, that dragonfly is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Kate! thank you so much! I’ll follow you back if i haven’t already! ❤
      CW is an amazing artist omg!


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