We’re Taking a Break (and a Nap)!

2021 – what a year! We’ve done more book reviews, hosted more friends (author guests!), and more month-long celebrations this year. On behalf of us at the Pond, I’d like to say a big thank you so much for your support for The Quiet Pond this year. It’s been an another amazing year, and we are so grateful for all of your enthusiasm and love and all of your visits!

With the amazing year that we have done, 2021 is going to start winding down soon – and with that, we need a little bit of a break. As satisfying and fun as doing Pond stuff is for us, it’s also a lot of work so we are going to take the opportunity to rest, recharge, and get ready for 2022, which will be a big year for us.

The Pond Book News will run next week and the week after (which will be our last The Pond Book News, as we only do once book news post on the first week in December), but other than that, we will not have new content between now and December 11th. However, our first post back will be our long-awaited Pondathon II readathon announcement – get excited! 💛

In case you missed it!

Since we’re not posting anything for a week and a half, why not check out on some posts that you may have missed this year? Here are some of our favourites:

Book Reviews:

Guest Features:

Book Recommendation Posts:

Fun Posts:

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